Features of EDMS

Components of Document Management Systems are as below.
  • Document Metadata Capture

Document Metadata capture manages all document related fields within MS SQL database. The complete design details and ER diagram is explained into this document. The metadata contains all edit history, audits, login history.

  • Workflow

The workflow engine is a condition based routing process where user will get the tasks in their to-do list. Administrators will be able to model these workflows and user can then assign the required workflows while transmitting the document.


  • Security

DMS system has security model, which controls login, access to various services and modules. User will have access as per the requirement of the project.

  • Indexing

EDMS will have an appropriate indexing mechanism for indexing the document metadata.

  • Integration with Internal Modules

EDMS will have the WEBAPIs for interfacing with other cloud-based system in the Information management architecture.

  • File Store

All files uploaded into the EDMS system will be stored in a structured way in the file server. The path of the file will be stored in document table to get the file.

  • Distribution/Transmittal Management

EDMS system will manage the distribution/transmittal management. Each document which will be send to contractor/vendors will the sent via proper transmittal number.

  • Collaboration

EDMS system will collaborate with other EDMS system deployed with other customers. Document transmitted from one shared project within the same EDMS system will be created in the project owner system once received.


  • Versioning

EDMS system will have version management. Every time file uploaded, the system will change the version.

  • Searching

EDMS system will have various search capabilities like search within project, search across all project, global search and filter search.