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  • Transport Managment System
  • Payroll
  • FIDS
  • Document Management System
Transport Management System

The main objective of this measure is to build a common platform for integrated monitoring and passenger information services. By gathering relevant information from drivers and operators attitudes towards the system, the measure can improve the quality and reliability of the transport services which will lead to better acceptance and usage of these services by citizens. As part of this measure a GPS traffic management system has been introduced. The system has been set up to track public transport vehicles, and this information has been used to prioritise and optimise Public Transport, making it more attractive to users.

Apart from this, we provide pluggable modules as per clients need.
  • Fleet management
  • ETS- Electronic ticketing system
  • RFID based pass managmenet
  • Financial Account Managment
  • Employee details and salary management of employees
  • Billing System as per requirement (e.g. Shivshahi)

For the new Business Entrepreneur payroll management can be moderately challenging. Because there are various federal and state laws regulating what you have to track associated to payroll management. Several business entrepreneurs take advantage of payroll services from outside. The outside companies provide compliance with all the applicable laws. Legally, only the administration can work with the system.
If you choose to do your own payroll, an automated payroll system will save time and help significantly with accomplishment. It’s suggested that you should purchase a programmed & automated payroll system.
The Payroll Management System deals with the followings:-

  • Payroll management generates the financial aspects of employee’s payment, tax deduction, gross and net pay. It generates pay-slip at the convenience of a mouse click.
  • The outstanding benefit of Payroll Management System is its easy implementation.
  • Payroll Management System contains its extensive features and reports.
  • PMS generates employee information, reports, attendance/leave, and payroll efficiently.
  • It manages your company’s own security.
Flight Information Display System (FIDS) for Airports

While traveling by air, you often see flight information screens that are present all over the airport.This flight information is displayed on what they call Flight Information Display System or FIDS. This is a technical aviation term for flight info on screens in the airports and maybe this type of communication is probably the earliest adaptor of data driven presentations.

Our software is based on our FIDS experience from airports worldwide and that inspired us to bring FIDS technology to a larger audience. Basically a FIDS screen is a presentation that is directly linked to your flight information coming from your flight database.

Along with FIDS we also provide several other modules such as -

  • Automatic Flight Announcement Module
  • Device Monitoring and Control Module
  • Real Time Display Device Module
Document Management System

With the ongoing process of Digitization, people wish to reduce their paper-based work and expect to have access to their important documents from anywhere and at any time.

Document Management Systems are the best solution to make this task a much easier one. PDF Readers are the best example of Document Management System through which you can access the PDF file offline and store it to view and even print and publish it anytime at any place.

Document Management Systems also is known as Content Management System and is widely considered as the component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It is related to Record Management, Workflows, Digital Asset Management etc.

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One Web Solutions provide businesses and individual customers with services in the areas of responsive web design, branding, graphic design, web development and online marketing worldwide and locally.
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